About Us

Tralativa specializes in Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation. Our highly qualified team produces certified translations in an accurate and culturally appropriate manner. Each translation project goes through a proprietary process, which produces a quality product guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Our Proprietary Translation Process

Rather than providing a literal translation of the document at hand, our team focuses on conveying the meaning and sentiment of the text in a way that will be well understood by readers of the target language. The process incorporates several steps which adhere to the highest quality standards. Those steps include the translation request, document scan, feedback from customer, translation, back translation, proofreading, quality control review and cultural sensitivity analysis, and delivery as depicted in the illustration below.

Translation process

Once a request for service is submitted to us, we will gather some important information that will lead to the production of a quality product. Specifically, we will determine the purpose of the translation, nature of the target audience and other significant expectations of the client.


Document Translation

Tralativa communicates meaning from the source language to the target language by conveying the original tone, intent, and style.

Website Localization / Multicultural Marketing

Tralativa adapts your existing website to local language and culture in the target market to ensure cultural appropriateness. In multicultural marketing, language needs to capture the attention of the audience in a fast and persuasive way to achieve your campaign objectives. Tralativa’s website localization process does just that.


Creating culturally appropriate and effective marketing content through creative writing is known as transcreation. Tralativa can create this content for you by adapting your original message to the target language, while preserving the original emotion, tone, intent, and style.

Audio Translation

Tralativa performs voice overs and provide subtitles and closed caption text for any audio recordings.


We can also convert any audio recording into written text in its native English or Spanish from sources that include speeches, lectures, seminars, panel discussions, interviews, conference calls, podcasts, judicial depositions and focus groups, among others.

Proofreading and Editing

Tralativa proofreads and edits your translated document to polish it and give it the final touch.